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Did You Know Bunnings Has Its Own Version Of The Block?

In something not far removed from such TV shows as Nine’s The Block, DIY superstore Bunnings has been producing its own renovation and home improvement videos – without the reality TV drama, thankfully – which it runs on its YouTube channel and website.

And these videos have quietly been gaining the attention of millions of viewers.

The videos are filmed like episodes, and they’re not advertising clips – in fact, brands or specific products are rarely mentioned. What Bunnings aims to do is inspire its customers to embark upon DIY projects and give them the know-how for doing it.

The show does, of course, help the Australian home improvement retailer boost sales. But, now in its fourth series, the instructional show’s main purpose is to demonstrate how easily various home updates can be done and what an impact it can have.

If you’ve ever gone searching for an item on the Bunnings website and found yourself falling into a loop of playing its how-to videos, you’re not alone. Those things are strangely satisfying to watch – just like the renovation shows on TV.

“Creating great content that makes DIY easier for customers is a huge focus for us,” said Bunnings managing director Mike Schneider.

“We have created hundreds of how-to articles and videos for customers, covering everything from hanging a picture to building a deck and everything in between,” he said.

Almost all the tradies who appear in the videos are Bunnings staff, chosen based on their experience in areas such as carpentry, painting, horticulture and landscaping.

“Like our in-store experience, expert team members provide the advice, and they are the face of our videos,” said Schneider. “It’s a natural extension to the in-store experience.”

Two years ago, Bunnings bought and renovated a home in Melbourne’s Knoxfield to create DIY video content. The home was also used to create a TV series, Make It Yours, which aired on the Seven Network.

This year, Bunnings is renovating the homes of Bunnings staff, transforming various indoor and outdoor spaces in a mixture of different homes, rather than renovating a single house. This should provide a better range for showing customers how to transform their living spaces.

Bunnings has now created more than 750 how-to videos to date. Curiously, its website doesn’t have a direct link to the video catalogue, just a general DIY section, but we found that a simple “how to” entry in the search bar was enough to bring up a heap of videos. Better yet, check out every Bunnings DIY episode by going to its YouTube channel.

Schneider said the content helped the 135-year-old retailer stay relevant with younger customers who might start their DIY project researching on mobile devices rather than in stores.

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