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In Store Appointments Required For Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

Apple have revealed it will be slowly rolling out the Vision Pro headset which will now require in store appointments starting early next year,

This comes as the company have had issues with the production of the headset, limiting the output number to less than 400,000 next year.

Apple are hoping to market the devices in specially designated section of 270 location in the US where consumers will get the chance to sample the headset.

An initial launch has been planned for cities including New York and Los Angeles starting early next year. Other markets will be expanded to afterwards.

Consumer will be able to start purchasing Vision Pro headsets through online stores in the US beginning early next year.

Apple will start selling in Canada and the United Kingdom starting late next year, and is expected to expand to international markets afterwards.

Engineers are reportedly working on “localising” the device for individual marketplaces including France, Australia, Germany, China and Hong Kong.

Last week, Apple were forced to make “drastic cuts” to production targets, due to manufacturers struggling with the design.

The company have spent seven years creating this device, and hoped to ship 1 million units through next year.

Now, it is expected less than 400,000 units will be shipped through 2024.

Other companies who supply components for the device were supposedly told by Apple to prepare for 130,000 to 150,000 units next year.

Apple have now had to revise projections downwards over disappointment over the OLED displays, and have been forced to delay development of a cheaper version.

Shares have closed down 0.6% to 190.68 on Friday.

Vision Pro will be competing alongside Meta’s headsets next year.

Mark Zuckerberg has noted the gadget is only for people “sitting on a couch by themself.”

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