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Huawei P30 Pro To Feature Superzoom Cam

Amid its ongoing privacy saga, Huawei has confirmed details of its upcoming flagship device, the Huawei P30 Pro including a superzoom periscope camera.

Clement Wong, Huawei’s VP of global product marketing confirmed to Android Central that the P30 Pro will feature a new, periscope-style “superzoom” camera that other leaks have tipped will provide 10x zoom.

An update to the optical zoom was tipped by ChannelNews, as the announcement video for the P30 series launch featured dramatic zooming in on major Parisian landmarks.

Wong did not go into details, avoiding the rumoured 10x zoom, but stated the camera will offer “something nobody (has done) before,” suggesting that the periscope camera could include a kind of mechanical zooming lens.

Oppo revealed a 10x zoom capable prototype at MWC 2019, achieved with a periscope-style lens, so Huawei may beat them to the market.

Wong also ensured big advances to night mode that goes beyond “software-only” systems like those seen on rival Google Pixel’s Night Sight.

An improvement on zoom and night capabilities fits nicely with CEO Richard Yu’s first teaser image from the phone, which Wong claims was shot without any extra hardware (image below).

Huawei is set to reveal the entire P30 series, including the P30 Pro in Paris on March 26th.

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