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LG Unveil Vacuum-Mopping Handstick Combo

LG has released its new hybrid “A9 Ultimate’ CordZero” ($1,199) with rotating Power Drive Mop attachment to vacuum and mop hard surfaces simultaneously.

The mop head attachment includes a water storage tank and a built-in electric water pump that supplies water to the rotating cleaning pads at a rate that is selected by the user.

Water is supplied to the pads at either a 6 or 8-second interval and the level of dampness for the cleaning pads can also be controlled via the flick of a switch on the rear of the cleaning head.

The A9 Ultimate comes with a range of accessories including carpet and bedding nozzles, and weighs just 2.7kg making it easy enough to lift and versatile enough to clean every nook and cranny in the home.

“Following the last year’s launch and success of our 2018 ‘CHOICE recommended’ CordZero Handstick range, we have now taken everything that is great about the current CordZero models, and made it even better and more versatile!” says Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Australia.

“Understanding that many Australian homes feature large areas of hard floor surfaces, from terracotta tiles to natural wood, the damp mopping and vacuuming solution offered by the ‘A9 Ultimate’ is predicted to be a convenient, easy to use and highly effective way to clean a range of floor types around the home.”

The 2019 CordZero Handstick range includes five models A9 Ultimate ($1,199), A9 Advanced ($1,099),  A9 Master 2X ($999), A9 Multi 2X ($899), and A9 Essential ($799)

The LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is available now at selected retailers including Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, David Jones, and Myer.

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