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Huawei Calls Oz Govt ‘Ill-Informed’ Over 5G

Huawei has written an open letter to the Australian government calling them ‘ill-informed’ over concerns that it poses a security risk as it tries to win the 5G contract.

There has been speculation to whether or not the federal government will bar Huawei from bidding for the provision of equipment for Australia’s 5G network.

A number of national security agencies have expressed concern over Huawei’s links with the Chinese government, and have advised against allowing the company to bid on 5G contracts.

Huawei says in a letter, “Recent public commentary around China has referenced ­Huawei and its role in Australia and prompted some observations around security concerns. Many of these comments are ill-informed and not based on facts.

“We are a private company, owned by our employees with no other shareholders. In each of the 170 countries where we operate, we abide by the national laws and guidelines. To do so otherwise would end our business overnight.”

The Chinese company wrote a letter to each federal MP, signed by local chairman John Lord and board director John Brumby.

The letter continues saying the company has created frameworks for other countries based on their security regulations, “With our 5G investments in the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, the respective governments have taken up our offers for evaluation of our technology to ensure it abides by its cyber­security protocols.

“In our ongoing discussions with Australian government agencies about our 5G proposal, Huawei has also offered to build an evaluation and testing centre to ensure independent verification of our equipment right here in Australia.”

Huawei is facing criminal investigation in the US, as the department of justice is seeing whether or not the Chinese company violated US sanctions in relation to Iran.

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