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Huawei Developing Own OS As It Faces Criminal Investigation

Huawei could have its own PC and mobile operating system in the works as the Chinese company is facing a criminal investigation by the US department of justice.

The US government is investigating whether or not Huawei violated US sanctions in relation to Iran.

If found guilty of violating US sanctions, the Chinese company could lose the rights to use Google’s Android based OS, as it is an American company.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports Huawei has been building its own OS after a US investigation over the company and ZTE in 2012. Sources say Huawei has its own OS for PCs and tablets.

A Huawei spokesperson told SCMP, “[Huawei] has no plans to release its own OS in the foreseeable future. We focus on products powered by Android OS and adopt an open attitude towards mobile OS.”

Android and iOS account for the global OS market, with their operating systems across nearly 99 per cent of devices globally, according to Gartner.

US carriers AT&T and Verizon withdrew their support for the mobile brand with retail giant Best Buy also dumping the brand.

No major carriers in Australia have removed Huawei from their shelves but the Australian government has recently been weary of the smartphone brand. It could be soon banned from the construction of the 5G network in Australia citing national security concerns.

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