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Huawei Bail Out Of Notebook Market As SmartPhone Sales Slump

After being beaten up in the smartphone market Huawei is now taking a pounding in the notebook market after spending the tail end of 2018 spruiking their entry into the Australian notebook market.

ChannelNews understands that the Chinese Company who are facing serious security and spying issues relating to their products has suspended orders for notebooks with Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers, with the Company hoping that the easing of the trade ban issued by the US Government, could see the Company back manufacturing notebooks and smartphones.

Despite these set backs Huewei spin doctors are still claiming to media organisations that they have a superior smartphone to Samsung and Apple.

During a recent presentation to Seven West Media and their Pacific Magazines management they claimed that their camera was the “Best camera in any smartphone” despite our tests and those of several other reviewers revealing this not to be the case.


Analysts are tipping that Huawei smartphone shipments are expected to shrink in 3Q19 despite the easing of the ban, contributing to this is a move by Samsung to enter the affordable premium market in Australia with their A Series which includes an A70 device selling for sub $650 with many of the top end features found in premium smartphones including the overpriced Huawei P30 and P20 devices.

It’s also believed Huawei has backed away from developing their own smartphone OS which gathered momentum after Google said they were stopping Huawei from having access to their Android OS.

In terms of shipment value, Huawei saw its global ranking slide this month one notch to fourth from third with a 6% share, trailing Apple (52.7%), Samsung (19.7%) and Oppo (6.4%) with analysts questioning the information that Huawei has supplied to research groups such as IDC.

The reason behind all this is believed to be the U.S. ban, and how companies like Google said they won’t support Huawei moving forward. The Chinese giant is desperately trying to reassure customers that it is safe to buy a Huawei smartphone, and that the ones that are currently out will still be supported by both Google and Huawei.

In Australia Huawei consumer products management who are well known for questionable market share statements were recently challenged by TCL Mobile CEO Sam Skontas to undertake an independent audit of their sales figures after both Oppo and Huawei laid claim to market share that Skontas questioned.

TCL who is clearly #3 in the Australian mobile phone market archrival challenged Oppo to undertake an independent audit. Both Huawei and Oppo Companies refused.

Skontas called out Oppo for peddling “fictitious” data, laying claim to their dominance as the country’s third largest smartphone seller.

“As disappointing as it is to hear our competitors claim the space we have rightfully earned, it is perhaps more disappointing to see so many of these claims simply go unchallenged from the industry bodies, market research groups, analyst reports and often those in the media who take such statements as fact.”

“I challenge the top 10 brands to agree to an independent, confidential audit of their financials” Skontas said.

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