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HTC To Rollout U12+ Pressure Sensitive Button Fix

Embattled smartphone manufacturer, HTC, has received mixed reviews about its only flagship handset to release this year – the U12 Plus – with many criticising the device’s pressure sensitive buttons. In a bid to address claims, recent reports reveal HTC may soon release an update fix.

According to GSMArenaHTC has begun seeding several updates for the U12+ in Taiwan, with new software included in June security patches.

As per its official changelog, HTC has worked to improve the state of its controversial pressure sensitive buttons.

The U12 Plus’ side buttons do not press down like regular mechanical buttons, with many criticising usability and sensitivity.

According to some Taiwanese users, the new [software 1.21.709.3] update reduces lag and increases button responsiveness, whilst also improving its squeezable ‘Edge Sense’ feature.

Auto zoom camera functionality has reportedly also been deployed.

Unfortunately the update is currently restricted to Taiwan, with international rollout tipped to occur sometime later.

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