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Hitachi Fridges In Demand As Food Prices Rise New Air Purifiers Being Rolled Out

Hitachi who currently struggling to keep up with demand, for their premium refrigerators currently being sold at Harvey Norman and Bing Lee is now moving to grow their share of the air purifier market which has benefitted from the outbreak of COVID.

ChannelNews understands that the two Japanese brands Sharp and Hitachi will have a combined air purifier and dehumidifier in the market later this year with Hitachi now taking on the likes of Samsung in the premium air purifier market.

In the refrigerator market Hitachi in Australia, benefitted from Hitachi’s global investment into food management technology which is found in their premium fridges that are selling for up to $6,499.



This is now proving popular as retailers move to lift the price of fresh food in Australia in some cases by over 25%. This is due to shipping price rises and floods across Australia.

“Once you explain the food technology housed in a Hitachi refrigerator, consumers are prepared to pay the premium price especially as the cost of food is rising.” said a Harvey Norman franchisee.

Currently Hitachi is rolling out a new affordable premium range with management claiming that the timing of the roll out could be impacted by shipping delays.

“We have pent up demand from retailers for our products and this is good” said Marketing Manager Mark Beard.

Currently Hitachi Australia is rolling out new air purifiers to complement their refrigerator offering.

The new air purifier range consists of the 53m floor space model the EP-NZG70J.




This stylish purifier is scratch-resistant has reinforced Glass touch controls and PM2.5 sensors which deliver a more comfortable air environment.

It also has an allergen-free HEPA filter + deodorizing filter.

This technology takes out pollen・PM2.5・allergen・floating virus・bacteria, as well as pet, tobacco, and cooking smells.

It can also be run at night because of its 15dB noise output as well the filters can be taken out and washed.

There is also a smaller model the EP-PZ30J, which is designed for smaller rooms up to 22 square metres.


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