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Hisense Price Gouge With ‘Ugly’ New Laser TV

Series questions are being raised as to why Chinese Company Hisense Australia has moved to gouge Australians with a massive $8K price difference between the US sell price and the Australian sell price for their new 100”-inch 4K Laser TV which went on sale this week.

The Hisense Laser TV is retailing for $19,999 in Australia while the same product is selling in the USA for $7,999 or $11,817. The US price includes an 8% local US State tax while the Australian price includes 10% GST making it over $8K more expensive.

Hisense L:aser TV, It’s a big black box with fans either side for cooling the system and lamp down.

Compared to the new LG 4K Cinebeam Laser TV that is set to be launched in Australia shortly for $8,000 the Hisense product is seriously ugly and noisy compared to the sleek LG Cinebeam Laser TV that beams an image 120″ from only 12″ from a screen.

ChannelNews was able to compare the two products earlier this year and the difference between the two models is significant. In fact, I doubt that I could convince my wife to have the Hisense laser system in my house it’s so ugly, it also has fans visible on the sides while the LG Cinebeam is while, sleek and smart.

The LG offering also has a built in TV Tuner and the LG webOS smart TV offering, it also delivers an excellent image because unlike the Hisense product it uses LCD display technology which delivers a significantly superior image in both a dark room and an average lit lounge.

The Hisense Laser TV operates like a normal Hisense TV which incorporate inferior display processors to both a Samsung and LG 4K Ultra HD TV it also has an inferior operating system to the two Korean brands but it does have 4 HDMI ports.

The LG Cinebeam delivers 2,500 ANSI lumens and Ultra HD 4K resolution, and a wide colour gamut, while the Hisense offering has a laser bulb that delivers 3000 ­lumens. The bulb cannot be replaced with Hisense claiming it will last 25,000 hours before reduces to half brightness.

The CineBeam Laser 4K has compact, fabric-covered design, that should fit in nicely to pretty much any style of decor unlike the Hisense offering that needs a separate sub-woofer and is industrial grey and black.

Hisense has not commented for this story.

In comparison The 4K LG Laser TV is smart with a fabric front and it delivers a superior picture because it is LCD Vs projector lamp display.

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