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Nine Slam Facebook, Google “Free-Riding”

Nine has used the ACCC’s digital platform regulation recommendations to slam Google and Facebook, claiming they’ve placed publishers in financial pressure whilst ignoring incremental damage.

Disclosed in a 37-page submission to the ACCC, Nine has urged the watchdog to ensure digital platforms cease “free-riding”, calling for a dedicated unit to oversee fair commercial contracts.

“Nine submits the market is not resolving the issues on its own and regulatory intervention is necessary,” reads the report.

Nine Entertainment has also asked for Facebook, Google and others digital platforms to engage in a “fair revenue sharing engagement”, whilst branding news publisher content.

“It has been disappointing to see the digital platforms continue to ignore the harm they are causing to Australian media and news journalism”

“What is more disappointing, however, is that we can easily co-exist.”

The local entertainment juggernaut claims Google’s globalised model severely limits its ability to “effectively monetise our own content”, becoming an unavoidable business partner.

Nine also claims its new eight-minute news program on Facebook Watch doesn’t offer suitable incentives to pursue a “successfully sustainable business model.”

The company has also backed recommendations for Google to enable users to choose their default internet browser.

Not all ACCC recommendations were favoured by Nine, who has rejected its privacy proposal:

“There would be significant risks to Australia’s digital and media economy if the ACCC’s privacy reform recommendations were implemented at this time.”

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