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‘Hey Google, Play The EPL’ – Optus Sport On Android TV

Football lovers in Australia will now be able to ask Google to stream the English Premier League live on their Android supported TV’s with the Optus Sport app launching on the platform.

Optus has kicked off 2020 announcing the launch of the Optus Sport app on Android TVs, with new features on the horizon.

The app will support TVs running Android 7.0 (Nougat or Android N) or higher.

As has been pointed out on ChannelNews before, only Google Certified devices are compatible with the app.

Video quality for the app will be capped at 720i, the same quality as its Xbox and Fire TV app, which will be adjusted depending on internet bandwidth.

While the quality is far below Full HD, Optus is gearing up to include 4K broadcasting of live sports as the telco prepares for the 2020 Olympics.

At this stage, it is not clear whether users of Android TV devices such as the NVIDIA Shield and Mi Box will also have access to the Optus Sport app.

Optus may even be considering a Samsung TV launch using the Tizen OS, with the Online Community Manager recognising it’s popularity.

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