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Heineken Reveal Robot Beer Esky

We all know how Australians love a beer, now beer giant Heineken has revealed a new robotic mobile ice cooler that looks like an esky on wheels.

No price has been put on the new Beer Outdoor Transporter (BOT) device which can carry a cold 12 pack and be in arms reach whenever you want another ‘cold one’.

There is one consolation the new device will save you the hassle of lugging a cooler down to the beach or at a barbie, instead, you can just stroll along with the robotic esky trailing along.

The only problem is that I doubt it will be allowed into footy grounds.

There is however one big benefit it doesn’t have to be Heineken beer on the inside, though you will have to put up with the Heineken signage on the side.

According to Heineken, it’s got a “charming AI personality” like Wall-E, that’s able to seek out parched summer revellers to check on their thirst level.

It’s not clear how the bot works, but it’s likely able to keep tabs on a single target and match their movements.

Could this be the next big hit product at JB Hi Fi?