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Headset Market Now Booming

The market for true wireless headsets, also known as TWS, is booming and Taiwanese manufacturers of the product are ramping up production.

Sensing-components makers HLJ Technology and TrueLight say they will increase shipments in the second half of 2019, driven by the increasing popularity of TWS headsets.

Researchers say global market for TWS headphones are expected to reach 78-120 million units in 2019, compared with 46-51 million units a year earlier.

Development of the TWS headset market has gained momentum as more smartphone vendors follow Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jacks from their flagship models.

The technology is driven by laser powered semiconductors called VCSELs.

HLJ is expected to ship more than 100 million VCSEL products, including wireless headsets, this year. TrueLight is expecting to increase its shipments of VCSEL products to 50 million in the same period.