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Harris Technology To Re-Emerge – Maybe Selling Baby Powder

Harris Technology To Re-Emerge – Maybe Selling Baby Powder

After virtually disappearing from the map a couple of years ago, the once highly-respected Harris Technology – a group of stores where PC aficionados and small-medium businesses could always find the bits and pieces of arcane technology that they needed – appears about to re-emerge, though perhaps only online.

Once a proud standalone company, the Harris chain was acquired by Wesfarmers – owner of the Coles and Officeworks franchise – in 2014. Incorporating it into Officeworks stores appeared to do little for either company, and Officeworks eventually flogged it off to online retailer Anyware, where it pretty much faded from recognition.

Now ASX-listed online retailer Shoply, also not perhaps a household name, has acquired Anyware and plans to relaunch itself under the Harris Technology brand. “We believe this name change can enhance the company image because Harris Technology is a well-known name in Australia dating back almost 30 years,” quoth MD Garrison Huang.

“Harris Technology has a very strong tradition on the SMB segment of the market – this will remain as the focus,” Huang said at the weekend. He added: “The group’s key business strategy on e-commerce will be on developing its homeware and baby care product ranges.”

Uh-huh. Will Harris Technology henceforth stack baby oil and talcum on its online shelves along with the hard drives, memory and telco connectors? Fans await this with great interest. – DF

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