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Queensland Law Firm Says Pokemon Go Players Liable

Queensland law firm Injury & Accident Lawyers has warned that Pokemon Go players could find themselves liable for accidents caused while playing the game.

Firm director Hideki Shimizu claims that personal injury cases have already begun to occur as the game has exploded in popularity since launch. 

According to Shimizu, “If you are involved in an accident while playing Pokemon-Go, it is the player who could be held liable for any injuries, not the app developers.”

“While there are many good things about Pokemon-Go encouraging players to be active to explore their surroundings, users also need to be careful,” he said.

The firm’s comments come in the wake of a car crash in Toowoomba last week that occurred as result of one driver being distracted by the game. 

“It’s obviously unwise to be playing Pokémon-Go while driving your car,” Shimizu added.

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