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GPS Powers Segway’s New Robot Mower

Segway has unveiled its new Navimow robotic mower, which uses GPS technology to eliminate the need for boundary wires.

The Navimow will, according to Segway, maintain an accurate position to within two centimetres, with users able to define mowing boundaries via the accompanying app; should the GPS signal be weak, it will revert to sensors to continue mowing. It can handle inclines of up to 45 degrees.

Additionally, its offset blades can cut closely on the edges of a lawn, while its Blade Halt safety technology will automatically stop the blades if an obstacle is detected, protecting children and pets. Its noise rating is 54dB – less than the 90dB of a typical petrol-powered mower – while its IPX6 waterproofing allows it to withstand rain, splashing, and water jets.

The mower is currently available in Europe, with four models that can handle lawns of different sizes; it is as yet unknown whether it will be available locally, though the Segway brand is distributed in Australia by Panmi.

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