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Got An iPhone & Would Like To Hear What People Are Saying About You

Are you an Apple iPhone owner, who would like to know what people are saying about you, or want to listen in on a business meeting when you go to the toilet.

Apparently an old iPhone feature that allows you to hear what your friends or business partners are saying about you when you walk away from the table?

Live Listen was introduced in 2014 as a way for iPhone users with hearing aids to hear others more easily in noisy environments.

The setting allows an iPhone or iPad to act as a microphone, sending sound to the hearing aids.

Now it can be used on AirPods as one US revealed recently, with some business users describing it as a “wonderful little hack.”

Originally, it only worked with iPhone-compatible hearing aids but has since expanded to AirPods.

TikTok user Michelle Guo @woahguo shared her experience activating the hidden feature.

“Thinking about the time I turned on ‘live listen’ on my iPhone & left my phone on the table & walked away with my AirPods in so that I could listen to what everyone said without me being in the room,” she wrote in a video.

Guo learned of the setting from the Apple website.

Guo told the outlet she posted about the setting to spread awareness.

The video has been viewed 725,000 times.

Hundreds of people have commented asking Guo how she activated the hidden setting.

According to Guo you go to “Settings > Control Centre > add Hearing > connect AirPods > turn on Live Listen > place phone down & walk away & listen.”

Some users who responded to Guo’s post said that they were shocked to learn about the setting, while others shared feeling nervous about what they’d learn from using the setting while with friends.

“I’m scared of what they will say,” one user wrote.

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