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Google’s “Pixel Pass” Set To Challenge Apple One

With Google’s October 19 Pixel 6 event on the doorstep, it would seem timely for the company to confirm rumours surrounding a leaked document that details Pixel Pass, “a monthly subscription that addresses users’ mobile needs end to end”.

The as-yet unconfirmed bundle would combine a new Pixel device “with the promise of regular upgrades”, along with an extended warranty and premium subscriptions for a bunch of Google services.

This echoes elements of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade program as well as their Apple One subscription services bundle.

The leaked information made no mention of cost, but it suggests it would be sold through the US-only Google Fi and the Google Store with the purchase of a Pixel device.

Pixel Pass would then combine subscriptions to at least YouTube Premium, Google One and Play Pass. It’s not known if their cloud gaming service Stadia would be included, but it would be the perfect place for Google to push it.

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