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Google Releases First Developer Preview For Android 15

Google has released its first developer preview as it kicks off the release of the next big Android update.

Developer Preview 1 is available now, and as the name suggests, is intended for developers and not for everyday use. A second developer preview is expected in March, with plans for numerous beta releases to be rolled out between April and July.

Here’s what to expect from the Android15:

In terms of privacy and security updates, Google has increased the Android AD Services to extension level 10 to improve user privacy and enable effective, personalised advertising experiences for mobile apps.

The Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) has been upgraded and will be available for supported devices running Android 15. It will include a new power-efficiency mode that will improve long-running background workloads, and there are also new thermal thresholds for thermal throttling reduction.

The addition of partial screen sharing in the upgrade allows users to record a specific part of an app rather than the entire screen.

Health and fitness users will be pleased to see more fitness and nutrition data types to the Health Connect platform, and there are increased security measures for files.

There are also several camera changes in the upgrade such as low light improvements, more precise control of the camera flash, and for music creators, UMP support to virtual MIDI apps, which will allow for more functionality with composition and synthesizer apps.

Google is expected to include additional features in future developer previews and betas.

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