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Google Make It Harder For White Noise Fans To Rest Easy

If you’re one of the many who use your Google Assistant Smart Display or speakers to play ambient white noise to tune out from the hassles of the day and drift off to sleep you may have noticed things aren’t quite what they used to be – and you may be one of the Home/Nest users up in arms about it.

No, they haven’t changed the soothing, washing swell to hardcore metal, but a lot of users are complaining the audio results of “Hey Google, play white noise” is now a lot quieter and has been described as “muffled”. Critics can be so harsh!

It’s also been noted that it loops every 10 minutes, as opposed to the hourly rotation of the version that was recently changed, which users drifting into mindfulness while trying to doze off are finding somewhat jarring. Just as they start fading out, the constant swathe of nothing jumps back to, well, another round of nothing.

Ambient noise on the platform can play for 12 hours if it isn’t disrupted by a sleep timer, while the 2nd gen Nest Hub offers auto-off that cancels the sounds when you fall asleep.

One disgruntled user has uploaded the original version of the noise to Google Drive, while others are asking for it to be uploaded as an option on YouTube Music, but so far, no dice. ChannelNews took a proactive approach and suggested, “Hey Google, play previous version of white noise,” but only got offered an album we weren’t interested in.

If you’re missing your regular ambient wash, Google offer 13 sleep-tapping hits such as country night sounds, ocean sounds, oscillating fan sounds, river sounds (the best approximation to white noise), fireplace sounds and running water sounds, which might not be the best at night…

We’re currently working on the sure-fire hit Jammed Printer Sounds.

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