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Google Is No Longer Selling Pixel 1 Phones

Google is no longer selling its Pixel 1, the first model in its flagship series.

The Pixel 1 can still be seen on the Australian Google Store, however on the top right hand corner the button that used to say “buy” now says “no longer available.”

Google confirmed to Gizmodo Australia saying users can no longer purchase the Pixel 1 from the company. The report also points out now the Pixel 1 will soon be extinct so will its support and software updates.

The Pixel phone was released only two years ago and it seems Google is already done with it and focusing on its next venture, the Pixel 3.

For those looking for the first Pixel JB H-Fi is only selling it in very silver in either 32GB or 128GB. Kogan is selling both the original Pixel and the Pixel XL in the various hues and storage sizes. They are also available on eBay and Amazon.

Google is facing two separate class action lawsuits against the first Pixel and Pixel XL as the plaintiffs claim the company knew about the microphone issues when they shipped out the phones.

RIP Pixel 1.

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