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Google & Dell Combat Microsoft With New ‘Chromebook Enterprise’

Google and Dell have teamed up to take on Microsoft in the business market, with the unveiling of its new Chromebook Enterprise laptops.

The products are positioned as a rival to Windows-powered laptops in the enterprise space – traditionally dominated by Microsoft.

The news sees Dell launch Chrome OS on some of its work-centric Latitude laptops, both a traditionally clamshell and 2-in-1 model.

The products reportedly follow over a year of development, bundled with some of Dell’s cloud-based support services for custom IT administrative control.

The laptops seeks to make its easier for IT professionals to integrate Chromebooks into existing Windows workplaces, manageable via VMware Workspace One tools and more.

In exclusive interview with The VergeChrome OS at Google President, John Solomon, claims the deal is not exclusive with Dell, however, will be its launch partner.

Google is reportedly setting its sight on several other OEMs to target enterprise customers, with the view of expanding Chromebook fanfare from the educational industry to business/enterprise.

Australian availability and pricing is yet to be announced, with the Dell 14″ Latitude 5400 launching fro US$699), and the 13″ Latitude 5300 2-in-1  for US$819.

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