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Google Cuts Shopify Deal JB Hi Fi & Bing Lee Set To Benefit

Shopify online retailers in Australia which include the likes of JB Hi Fi and Bing Lee are set to benefit after it was revealed that Alphabet the owners of Google are now working with Shopify to let merchants sell across the search giant’s properties and beef up its e-commerce business.

Revealed at Google’s I/O software developer conference, the announcement saw Shopify shares climb more than 5%.

JB Hi Fi is one of Australia’s most successful web sites that also runs the Syndigo content engine across both their JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys web sites.

This engine which is used by 80% of major retailers in the USA as well as Amon is used extensively by major Shopify retails to deliver information marketing inside a retail SKU.

On the JB Hi Fi site brands such as Apple (Beats), Dell, Nespresso and the likes of D Link are using the Syndigo engine to deliver content in Australia.

Google said Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants can more easily list items where Google sells — its Shopping site, as well as other properties such as Maps and YouTube.

“With just a few clicks, these retailers can sign up to appear across Google’s 1 billion shopping journeys each day,” said Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce.

Re3cently Google eliminated fees for retailers on its shopping service as a way to lure merchants from bigger rival Amazon.com.

The company has since seen an 80% jump in merchants, a “vast majority” of whom are small businesses, Ready said.

Last night Google also introduced more features like online shopping carts in Chrome and merchant loyalty programs linked directly in Google accounts.

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