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Google Associate Plans Drone Delivery Within A Year

Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, are aiming to develop drone delivery network tech in the next year, saying operating drones as a network will improve efficiency.

Their technology is currently being tested “at scale”in Logan, Queensland, delivering as many as 1000 packages a day. They have also started a trial in Dublin.

According to Wing, there are other companies in the UK talking to the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority about the regulations allowing drone deliveries.

Wing chief executive Adam Woodworth says the delivery system will look “more like an efficient data network than a traditional transportation system”, adding, “We do a lot of grocery delivery, we do a lot of prepared food delivery, we do a lot of coffee delivery.”

While consumers don’t currently pay extra for drones to deliver, experts say companies would have to make a lot of deliveries for the system to be financially viable.

After regulations are finalised, the next step is to manage and direct a large amount of aerial robots.

The Wing network has three basic hardware elements – the actual drones, the pads they operate from and recharge the batteries, and autoloaders for companies to leave packages for collection.

From here, ground-based pilots can supervise fleets of drones to make sure they are operating safely and efficiently.

At the moment, residents in Logan are complaining about the noise of the drones. As such, Wing are trying to make the aircraft as quiet as possible.

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