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Google App Puts Your Pet Into Art Immortality

Proving animal lovers really do think the world of their furry, scaled or feathered friends, Pet Portraits through Google lets you find the arty lookalike for your little mate and drops them perfectly into the picture, matching them to tens of thousands of works from institutions across the globe.

Available on the free Google Arts & Culture app, you simply take a pic of your animal and the machine learning algorithm searches various collections and matches it to find the piece that looks most similar.

Then, you also get to learn about the stories and artists behind each piece.

There’s also a Mona Lisa augmented reality filter, family puzzles and dinosaurs in VR.

But really, judging by most Instagram accounts these days, it’s all about the puppies and other critters.

That’s why Pet Portraits uses vision algorithms to recognize where your pet is, crops the image and pets the animal front and centre in the artwork it most perfectly matches.

Then you can share it as #Petportraits as a single still image or select multiples to animate together as a GIF slideshow.

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