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New Blinds And Energy Management From Lutron Control System

From a wall-mounted control or an infrared, wireless remote control, Lutron claim that the new GRAFIK Eye QS can transform a room into a number of natural or artificially lit scenes that have been pre-programmed into the system. It also comes with Real-time energy saving measurement
For monitoring energy consumption levels, the new GRAFIK Eye QS also includes a display screen that enables the user to see real-time energy savings achieved across the lighting system as the lamps are dimmed.
The new GRAFIK Eye QS retains the same function as the original, with as many as six lighting zones and four preset scenes available on the main preset control unit (with 16 presets available via additional wallstations), allowing built-in ease of use from the wall panel or a wireless remote. However, the two-digit LED readout of the GRAFIK Eye is replaced with a display screen that facilitates bespoke programming of the system (in various languages). Additionally, every unit has an integral astronomic time clock that allows automated control of lights and blinds relative to time of day or sunrise and sunset.
The system is also available in a wide variety of colour and finish combinations, it can be tailored to suit any interior or design scheme. To see the different combinations in action, alongside an interactive demonstration of the energy saving readings and blind and curtain control functions, Lutron has developed a user-friendly GRAFIK Eye QS online experience. To see the new product in action, experience GRAFIK Eye QS at: http://www.lutron.com/cms/default.aspx?appid=1009. QS eliminates the need for interfaces between blinds, time clocks and low voltage sensors.
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