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Cordless Desktop Combo From Logitech

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The mouse features an elegantly contoured, full-size shape that fits a hand for maximum comfort, providing good palm support.

When sold in the desktop bundle, with its included USB plug, the MX1100 mouse allows users to fully recharge their mouse while working.

A 15-minute charge gives enough power for up to one day. A 7-hour charge provides up to six weeks of power.

Or for convenience, plug the USB cable into the included AC adaptor and recharge the mouse using any available wall outlet. (When sold separately, the stand-alone MX1100 offers up to nine months of battery life and uses two AA batteries.)

The mouse’s MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel has two scrolling modes, including hyper-fast scrolling for flying effortlessly through long documents and Web pages.

Eight programmable buttons allow users to get to the information, the Web pages, the files and the applications fast.

With software installed, a stealth thumb button makes application switching easy and zoom controls allow users to zoom in and out of documents with the press of a button.

The mouse also features adjustable dpi (up to 1,600 dpi), which can come in handy when editing an image at the pixel level or, alternatively, when it is required to move the cursor quickly within a document.

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro keyboard-and-mouse combination is expected to be available worldwide beginning in September and will have a recommend retail price of $199.95 (inc. GST) in Australia and $249.90 in New Zealand.

When sold separately, the Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse is expected to be available in Australia and New Zealand beginning in mid-September for a recommended retail price of $129.95 in Australia and $129.90 in New Zealand.