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FUJIFILM Unveils ‘Portable Premium’ GFX 50R

FUJIFILM has intensified competition in the mirrorless camera market, unveiling its new Rangefinder Style GFX 50R, with an image sensor 1.7 times the size of a full frame 35mm.

With a magnesium alloy body, the GFX 50R will land in Australia late November for A$7,099.

FUJIFILM affirms the Rangefinder Style GFX 50R is designed for field photographers who demand a portable, yet premium camera.

The new GFX 50R incorporates FUJIFILM’s G Format image sensor – a medium format 43.8 x 32.9mm.

The camera is water-sealed in 64 places for dust and liquid resistance, and operates in temperatures as low as -10C.

A focus lever seeks to offer extra holding space, providing quick focal point adjustment.

Weighing 775gm, the GFX 50R is FUJIFILM’s slimmest and lightest GFX series camera. The device is 145 lighter and 22m thinner than the former GFX 50S.

The GFX 50R is also its first to feature Bluetooth® compatibility, allowing images to be transferred straight to smartphones and tablets via FUJIFILM’s Camera Remote app.

Specifications below with further information available on FUJIFILM Australia’s website here.