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Foxtel Streaming New HBO TV Shows For Free

Foxtel is giving access to the first episode of major new HBO shows for free in an attempt to encourage more subscribers.

The premiere episodes of Westworld, Divorce and Quarry are available for anyone to stream on the Foxtel website until November 2, with the first episodes of Insecure and High Maintenance becoming available from November 4.

Foxtel has been highly protective of HBO content in the past, with shows such as Game of Thrones only being available to subscribers of the company’s pay TV platform and the Foxtel Play streaming service.

Allowing free streaming of new shows is part of a new approach to drive subscription growth by Foxtel, which includes a significant reduction in price for Foxtel Play. The basic Foxtel Play package will cost $10 a month from December, with access to HBO shows through Showcase available for an additional $15, a significant reduction from the $50 a month currently required to access Showcase through the service.

Earlier this month, Foxtel announced it will close the Presto streaming service after buying out Seven West Media’s share. Presto will shut down on January 31.

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