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Foxtel Roll-Out Advanced Voice Search For Remote Control

Foxtel has ramped up the intelligence of its remote control by deploying new, advanced voice command capabilities.

The pay-TV provider has today launched its new Foxtel Voice Remote, allowing iQ3 and iQ4 customers to search for a specific show, actor, director, sports team, genre, movie quote and more using voice commands.

Users simply have to press a single button before speaking their required search, with other functionalities including adjusting volume, play/pause, schedule recordings, channel changes plus more.

The software update which facilitates the new remote controls is set to be made for all iQ3 and iQ4 customers over the next three weeks.

The news comes as Foxtel continues to position itself as the home of premium TV, following a major revamp of its user interface and direct integration of suite of content offerings including Netflix.

Voice command searches could include saying the phrase “may the force be with you”, which will show Star Wars movies. Foxtel states there are 500 movie quotes currently available.

Combination search commands are also available – e.g. “action movies” and “just the ones with Tom Cruise.”

“Foxtel is known for its breadth and depth of content across movies, entertainment, lifestyle, documentaries and sport. We have more than 40,000 individual titles available including full season stacks, and we’ve had massive increases in titles available on demand.” states Foxtel Group Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Delaney.

“With the launch of our new user interface last year and now the Voice control, we are continuing to invest in innovation to reimagine people’s experience of Foxtel and ensure we provide a premium experience of the best of TV and on-demand, all in one place.”

Foxtel asserts the the remote control is not always in listening mode, and only active when the microphone button is pushed, catering to home privacy.

The company states over a quarter of a million Foxtel customers already have the Foxtel Voice Remote, with device also available to purchase for a lower price of $29.

Further information about Foxtel Voice is available on the company’s website here.


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