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Supercars Race Out From Behind Kayo Paywall

Foxtel’s streaming service Kayo will move a number of sports out from behind its paywall, including Supercars.

Patrick Delany, CEO of Kayo, was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald saying the new “freemium” strategy for Kayo would allow non-subscribers to access some sports, and be accessible in turn to advertisers.

“It means that if you are pausing your subscription… you’ll now continue to have action and access to some live sports but also an array of our repeats, scores and stats,” he said, noting that it would give rise to more reach.

Foxtel says it has recognised the need for some smaller codes such as motorsports, volleyball, and surfing to reach larger audiences.

Kayo currently boasts around 600,000 subscribers, and has fuelled a record number of subscriptions to Foxtel sports services; including premium Foxtel subscribers, numbers have almost reached two million.

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