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Snapdragon Sound Chips To Bring CD-Quality Wireless Audio

Qualcomm used MWC to launch two new audio-focused processor additions to the Snapdragon Sound platform that enable wireless transmission of CD-quality 16-bit lossless audio for premium wireless earphones and more.

This will sort out a serious problem for the music streaming industry, where high-res formats are being launched that are still relatively incompatible with Bluetooth when it comes to high quality audio transmission.

The Qualcomm S3 Sound Platform and S5 Sound Platform support both 16-bit 44.1 kHz CD-quality lossless Bluetooth audio and 24-bit 96 kHz high resolution Bluetooth audio.

They also support both Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth 5.3.

These new chips will be a boost for manufacturers, who will be able to develop more advanced earphones, speakers and headsets.

“The Qualcomm S5 Sound Platform is designed to deliver studio master listening experiences, with seamless quality scaling to match the source file resolution,” the company say.

“This includes Lossless CD quality audio with Snapdragon Sound, a first for wireless earbuds, achieved using our systems level approach.”

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