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Foxconn To Finish microLED AR Smart Glasses In 2022

Component manufacturing giant, Foxconn, has revealed it will finish development of its microLED augmented reality smart glasses by 2022 – indicating a timeline for the technology’s acceleration.

Reported by Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimes, supply chain sources state Foxconn intends to trial the microLED AR smart glasses across retail, factory and medical care environments around 2022.

It comes after Foxconn invested in US-based startup eLux in 2017, to accelerate its development of microLED technology. The company has reportedly struck a three year deal with vendors for the licenced use of microLED tech in AR smart glasses.

The augmented reality aspect of the microLED smart glasses has increased complexity versus more standard smart glasses.

According to Tom’s Guide, Samsung has recently hit manufacturing issues which could delay the launch of its first microLED TVs.

As previously reported, Apple has increased the production pace of its forthcoming miniLED stable, with the 12.9″ iPad Pro set to be among the first to debut the display tech.

According to renowned apple commentator, Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is set to deploy miniLED into its products earlier than expected.

Whilst miniLED and microLED technologies differ, the news reflects the ongoing pace of development for the next-generation display tech.

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