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Mobile Service Price To Fall

SYDNEY: The price of wholesale mobile voice services is expected to drop, following the ACCC’s decision to reduce the price of connecting between networks.

Yes, you probably didn’t realise that if you’re on the Telstra network, connecting with an Optus network user is costing you money.

Called the Mobile Terminating Access Service, or MTAS, the current rate of 1.7 cents a minute to connect between networks, will fall to 1.19 cents a minute from next year.

The ACCC says the cost cut should mean network operators can pass on the savings to consumers.

The move is the final determination from the ACCC’s public inquiry into the terms and conditions which the mobile network operators must provide to the MTAS.

“Mobile network operators will be required to charge less for providing the MTAS and that enables providers who rely on the MTAS to pass on the savings in their retail offers to consumers,” ACCC chairperson Rod Sims said.

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