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Fletcher Offers $50m Kick-Start Program To Aid Oz Filmmakers

CANBERRA: In a bid to kick-start the local film and television industry, hit by the potential corona virus, screen producers can now access a $50 million Temporary Interruption Fund (TIF).

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said TIF will support local film and television producers to get going again, with many productions in limbo because financiers will not release funds due to possible disruptions caused by cast or crew members falling ill due to Covid-19.

“If a production is designated by Screen Australia as eligible under TIF this will allow financiers to release funds so production can commence,” Fletcher said.

CEO of Screen Australia Graeme Mason welcomed the certainty TIF will bring to the Australian screen production sector. “TIF is expected to support around 50 Australian productions and support around 11,000 jobs. Importantly, it will also mean Australian stories are featured on screens here and internationally,” Mason said.

TIF is part of the Government’s $250 million JobMaker package, aimed at helping re-start the economy over the next 12 months.

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