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Google’s Gmail Service Takes A Hit

SYDNEY: Millions of Australian users of Google’s Gmail service yesterday were affected by a huge global outage yesterday. Many users were unable to access their e-mails or send messages.

Gmail users began to report problems shortly after 2pm, east Australian time. The users reported intermittent issues sending and receiving mail, logging in and attaching files, according to Web site Down Detector.

About 20 minutes later, more problems were reported with Google’s cloud storage service Drive, which stopped accepting file uploads. Other Google services including Docs, Meets, and Voice were under investigation.

Some users reported on social media that they had been able to log in to Gmail, but were unable to send e-mails or add attachments, according to an Australian report.  Other Google services including Docs and Sheets were also affected by the outage, according to an Australian report.

The outage lasted from around 3pm to 6pm, Australian east-coast time.

YouTube users also reported issues uploading videos to the service, though streaming appeared unaffected.

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