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Five Million Young Aussies Rocking Online, New Morgan Survey Claims

More than five million Australians – almost a quarter of all Australians – aged 14-plus visit radio or music sites in an average four weeks,  according to a new Roy Morgan Research report.

Morgan’s information is said to be based on in-depth face-to-face interviews with 1000 Australians each week, or 50,000-plus each year.

The market research firm says Spotify is easily Australia’s most popular radio or music site, visited by nearly 2.2 million Australians in an average four weeks.

That’s said to be a 69pc increase, or 889,000 more Australians, than a similar exercise by Morgan found one year ago – a whacking gain.

Swedish-owned SoundCloud is in second place with a claimed 1.3 million Aussie visitors, and radio station Triple M is in third spot with around 520,000.

However Michelle Levine, Roy Morgan CEO, says an announcement by YouTube that it is launching YouTube Music to compete head-on with the likes of Spotify and SoundCloud, presents a clear threat to the audiences these sites currently have.

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