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Fitbit Falls From Grace In Latest IDC Numbers

According to the latest data released by IDC, Fitbit has finally slipped from its #1 spot in the wearables market.

The IDC say that companies shipped a total of 24.7 million wearable devices during the first quarter of this year – up 17.9% from the 20.9 million units shipped in Q1 of 2016.

Both Xiaomi and Apple have gained from Fitbit’s losses, jumping up the ranks to share the top slot.

Apple experienced the strongest growth here, while Xiaomi’s dominance in the Chinese market helped it surpass even Apple in market share.

Fitbit slipped 37.7% in sales volume and over 10% in market share.

According to Ramon Llamas, research manager for IDC’s Wearables team, “Fitbit finds itself in the midst of a transformation as user tastes evolve from fitness bands to watches and other products.”

“This allowed Xiaomi to throttle up on its inexpensive devices within the China market and for Apple to leverage its position as the leading smartwatch provider worldwide. Now that Xiaomi and Apple have supplanted Fitbit, the next question is whether they will be able to maintain their position.

“However, by no means should Fitbit be removed from the wearables conversation,” continued Llamas.

“With a user base of 50 million, a strong presence within corporate wellness, and assets that keep it top of mind for digital health, Fitbit is well positioned to move into new segments and markets.”

Fitbit recently managed to surpass expectations in its latest earnings report and is currently readying its first major smartwatch product for the market, despite reports of production problems.

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