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Foxtel To Be Relaunched, New Logo, New Streaming Deals

Foxtel is set to get a radical makeover a move which includes a new logo, cheaper prices and new content.

The new strategy is aimed at taking Netflix, Amazon and Stan head on with sport being one of the main advantages that Foxtel have over their US and local competitors.

The big question is why now and not, when Netflix launched two years ago?

Backed by owners News Corporation and Telstra Foxtel is set to be repositioned as the entertainment Company that can deliver, Sport, movies and internet streaming of content.

Foxtel chief executive Peter Tonagh said the move heralded the “biggest strategic shift in the 22-year history of Foxtel”.

He said that News Corp, publisher of The Australian, and Telstra, have given the strategy their full backing.

He told the Australian “We will spend over $1 billion more in the next five years than we had in our original plans a year or so ago,’’ he said. “That’s a sign not only of the recognition of the need for transformation within the business, but also recognition of the support of our shareholders and belief in what we’re doing as a business.”

Mr Tonagh said he was aiming a new internet-TV based service called Foxtel Now at the two million Australian households using streaming services like Netflix. He said it was the first time the company had been able to offer low-priced, flexible bundles with no set up costs and the ability to cancel at any time.

Foxtel already offers an on-­demand streaming service called Foxtel Play, enabling customers to watch TV on different devices around the home, but this offers only a limited number of channels at higher price points. Foxtel Play will be replaced by Foxtel Now, ­effective today.

Enhancements include high-definition streaming and the ability to stream to the big screen in the living room as Foxtel continues a long-term drive towards making its content available anytime, anywhere, on all platforms.

In a frank assessment of the task facing Foxtel, Mr Tonagh estimated half of Foxtel’s 2.9 million customers “have been with us 10 years or more”, and household penetration has been “stuck” at 30 per cent for several years.

“We think it’s probably time we changed that. We want to transform our business from being known as the pay-TV provider for the premium segment to become known as the premium entertainment provider for all Australians,” Mr Tonagh said.

Subscribers to Foxtel Now will be able to watch premium drama programming such as the anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones for $15 a month.

Foxtel Now offers five entry level packs to match viewers’ interests including drama and pop packs priced at $15 a month each or $25 for both. Lifestyle, documentaries and kid’s packs are available at $10 a month each.

Foxtel Now’s movies pack will be priced at $20 a month in addition to an entry-level pack. The sports pack is available for an extra $29 a month.

On the brand refresh, Mr Tonagh said Foxtel is seen as “quite aggressive, arrogant, and elitist”.

To change perceptions, Mark Buckman, Foxtel’s managing ­director, customer and retail, has devised a nationwide marketing campaign that kicks off on ­Sunday.

Content from the Australian which is owned by News Corporation was used for this story. 

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