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First Pictures Inside Aldi’s New North Sydney Corner Store

Aldi has a brand new, Corner Store format, rolled out in North Sydney the first thing you notice is the introduction of self service, two isles of special goods isles instead of one and a smart shiny new look.

This was one of Aldi’s first stores and when it was opened, and my office was right across the road in Mount Street.

What got my attention was the arrival every few days of pallet loads of computers branded Medion.

Curious I walked across the road and asked management where all the computers were going and they said, “We sold them”.

It turned out that the Medion notebooks that were manufactured by a former German Company that is now owned by Lenovo were in high demand by people in the tech industry who worked in North Sydney.

Today the Aldi specials area takes up two isles in the new store with management admitting that they are now ranging more premium brands in their specials area than before.

Among the brands being sold by Aldi is De Longi, Samsung as well as the traditional Stirling and Bauhn brands that are supplied by Tempo Australia.

Standing outside the new North Sydney store today Aldi chief executive Tom Daunt told ChannelNews that the new format was designed for areas where a larger store was not necessarily  the right solution for the area.

He readily admits the German supermarket is often “late to the party” when it comes to innovation, but after years of biding its time – and watching others make costly mistakes – the supermarket chain is now rolling out a new format which if the new North Sydney store is anything to go by is up there with the best of archrivals Coles and Woolworths.

The new Sydney store is half the size of a standard Aldi with the redesign and the introduction of new refrigeration making the store look and feel larger than the prior configuration.

He told the Australian recently “We are not driven by what the competition does, and we are very often late to the party on many things, and that could be our development of an e-commerce business, it could be imple­mentation of technologies in our stores like self-service check-outs or so on.

“It is critical that we retain a highly efficient and cost-effective business and sometimes when you are at the leading edge of these technologies there are a lot of costs, there are a lot of complications, and a lot of the solutions don’t work.

“We would rather be a little bit late but arrive at a strategy that ­allows us to bring the very best offer to the customer.”

Mr Daunt said that was what Aldi was now doing with its corner-store format, complete digital transformation and recent trials of e-commerce and self-checkout registers.


Aldi have eliminated problems at the till with the introduction of self service check out as well as traditional till service.

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