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New Samsung Smart Laundry Appliances

Samsung is expanding its smart appliance range in Australia with three new washing machines and three new heatpump dryers.

The Smart AI range features wi-fi connectivity and AI technology that learns how users wash and provides automatic adjustments and recommendations. The Smart Washers can use built-in sensors to determine optimal water level, detergent level, and rinse time, while the dryers can pick up settings from linked washers and adjust their own cycles accordingly.

The new range is also available in black, to give users more colour options for their homes.

According to Andrew Wand, Director of Home Appliances, Samsung Australia, Samsung’s research shows that 60 per cent of Australians want a nicer laundry.

“We recognise that Australians are taking more pride in their homes and are placing a higher value on style when looking to renovate. Often the forgotten room of the house, the laundry can be just as stylish as the kitchen or bathroom.

“The new colour options provide choice and with the ability to match the washing machine and dryer design, it’s a sound option for those wanting to spruce up the laundry and create a flow-on with the overall aesthetic of their home,” he said.

The range is available online and from retailers nationwide; prices are below.

  • 8.5KG Addwash Front Load Smart Washer (black) – $999
  • 12KG Front Load Smart Washer (black) – $1,399
  • 16KG Front Load Smart Washer (black) – $1,999
  • 8KG Heatpump Smart Dryer (black) – $1,599
  • 9KG Heatpump Smart Dryer (black) – $1,999
  • 10KG Hybrid Heatpump Smart Dryer (black) – $2,199

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