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Facebook Offering Millions For Original TV Shows

Facebook has reportedly offered Hollywood studios and agencies up to $4 million per episode for the creation of original TV shows.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is aiming to launch its original programming by late winter, and will primarily target an audience aged 13 to 34.

The company will also specifically target the 17 to 30 age group, and hopes to emulate successful shows like The Bachelor, Scandal and Pretty Little Liars according to The Wall Street Journal’s sources.

As well as high budget TV shows, Facebook is also said to be interested in launching scripted shows “in the mid-to-high six-figure-per-episode range”.

Unlike its paid competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Facebook’s shows will feature advertising, and aren’t expected to run longer than 30 minutes per episode. The shows are also expected to be released episode-by-episode.

In terms of content, the company has apparently said it wants to avoid a number of genres and topics, including “shows about children and young teens as well as political dramas, news and shows with nudity and rough language”.

One of Facebook’s first original shows will be Last State Standing, which sees one contestant from each of the 50 US states competing together in games for US$500,000 in prize money.

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