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Google Home Rated 6x More Accurate Than Alexa

New York digital agency 360i has issued a ringing endorsement for Google’s voice assistant after a comparative test saw it emerge with a clear advantage.

The test, comprised of 3000 questions, found that Amazon’s Alexa held a clear advantage when it came to retail or shopping-related queries.

However, on the whole, Google Home was found to be six times more likely to answer questions correctly.

360i attributed this result to the Knowledge Graph software that powers Google Home. This bit of software links with information services all over the web to optimize search results accordingly.

Alexa, in contrast, is said to works with more specific information and content partners to source its data.

Essentially, it looks like Google’s history as a search engine company with the best algorithms has paved the way for them to deliver a better experience here. While Amazon has a lot of shopping data to leverage, it can’t come close to the amount of data Google has access to. At least for now.

That said, having the best product isn’t always going to guarantee success.

Alexa has been estimated to hold a dominant 70% market share in the US, outselling Google Home 3-to-1.


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