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Music NOW: JB Hi-Fi Music IS Live Beta

Music NOW: JB Hi-Fi Music IS Live Beta

So if you like Trance/ Electronic, it houses every genre and artist from Progressive Trance, Club/Dance, Electronic, from DJs like Ferry Corsen, Sasha and Kerri Chandler.

And ditto for all other genres like pop, rock, reggae, jazz and so on. And there’s over 100,000 artists.

“We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated launch of the JB Hi-Fi NOW music streaming service! With over 100,000 artists and millions of songs for you to discover, play and share, listening to the music you love has never been easier,” the retailer announced today in an email to customers who registered for the service.

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To avail of the trial you just need an Australian phone number and can connect to the service over any PC or laptop.

However, it is also heading to mobile devices like smartphones and tabs once it goes live, officially (probably) early next year and you will be able to use the service across any device.

Simple music discovery is also a major element of JB’s ‘Now’ music streaming service, where you can stumble over new tunes and artists as you browse the virtual music wonderland.

It will also remember your chosen tracks in the ‘My Music’ section along with ‘What’s Hot’ for the latest tracks, ‘My Mixes’ (where you can fiddle around with tracks) and ‘Crowd’ where you can check out what other like minded music lovers are listening to.

If your mates are using it also, you can find out what they are sampling by entering their nickname into the search bar.

Get the 30 day free service here.

Once the trial is over the payment service will kick in, JB’s Marketing director, Scott Browning, told SmartHouse today, confirming the full launch “is not far away.”

“We will also have the payment solution up shortly,” and there are gift cards already available for purchase for pre-Christmas buyers, he added.

The service, after the trial period will start at $6.67 a month for a year long service, and looks likely to make iTunes look like the biggest rip off since, well, iTunes. For a three month service ‘Now’ costs $25 ($8.33 per month), 6 months ($8.33 per month).

Today, we also reported on how Telstra are getting set to launch a similar music streaming service via the web next year, meaning there are plenty of more services coming to Oz where this came from.