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iPod Touch-Up: Apple’s Micky Mouse Revamp $219

iPod Touch-Up: Apple’s Micky Mouse Revamp $219

The new iPod Touch features a redesigned user interface, improved built-in fitness features, iCloud storage, while Nano features some slight retouches including fitness programme, new clock interfaces and bigger icons.

Touch comes with iOS 5, Apple’s updated operating system, including over 200 new features including iMessage, Game Center, Notifications and Wi-Fi syncing to iTunes.

iMessage brings the functionality of iPhone messaging to iPod, say Apple, allowing users send texts, photos, videos and contact information to other iOS users only and allows maintain one conversation across all iOS devices for free – and with notifications.

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The new iPod comes in three versions including an 8GB and 23GB, in black and white and will be available Down Under 13 October. This underwhelming launch comes as iPhone 4S failed to deliver the promised land Apple handset fans were hoping for, in California yesterday.

iCloud storage pushes music, including iTunes as well as Photo Stream and Documents to the Cloud, that work “seamlessly” with other Apple devices like Mac or iPad.

When content changes on one device, all other devices will be updated automatically. Handy.

iPod nano has hardly changed at all bar slight software tweaks but now features larger icons for even easier navigation of its intuitive Multi-Touch interface.

“You can (now) choose from 16 new digital clock faces, ranging from classic analog looks to your favourite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.”

But if Minnie Mouse isn’t enough iPod nano will at least keep you thin.

Nano, priced at $149 (8GB) or $169 (16GB) can track the time, pace and distance of your run, the calories you burn, and the number of steps you walk.

“iPod nano encourages you with motivational real-time voice feedback during your run, available in seven languages, while listening to your favourite music or FM radio station”. Users can also upload workouts to the Nike+ website.

“iPod has revolutionised the way we listen to music and with over 320 million sold is the world’s most popular music player,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing.

“iPod Touch, now available in both black and white, is the best selling iPod ever, and with iOS 5 and iCloud it is better than ever.”

The new nano is available in seven colours including silver, graphite, blue, green, orange, pink and red adn goeson sale here today.

Apple’s “holiday lineup” includes iPod shuffle cut priced at $55; iPod nano with Multi-Touch starting at $149.

iOS 5 will also be available as a free software update for iPod touch (3rd and 4th gen) users allowing them to experience the new features.