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EXCLUSIVE: Lloyds Auctions, Konka TV Customers Not Happy

Anyone buying a Konka TV from Lloyds auctions is taking a “massive risk” claim auction house expert with customers who have now purchased one of their questionable TV’s complaining after the 4K Ultra High-Definition TV’s failed to turn up.

John Denholm from South Australia did buy one of their TV’s which were spruiked to the media via a press release syndicated by Medianet, now he is regretting his decision.

He said I wish I had read your article on the Lloyds Konka TV auction before bidding”

The article he is referring to can be read here.

He added “Regrettably I purchased 2 TVs at this auction, and although Lloyds promised to deliver with 7 days all I am getting from them is “our freight partners will be in contact within you”.

“Ten days after the sale I requested the transaction be cancelled and my credit card refunded”.

Lloyd have ignored the request, and just repeated “our freight partners etc”. I am questioning if these televisions are even in the country, or if they comply with Australian standards, and if I will ever get a refund or even see the product”.

Jamie Codling Managing Director, of Mason Gray Strange Auctioneers & Valuers from South Australia wrote in an email to ChannelNews.

“Price baiting, inflated RRPs, basically misleading the consumer and yet they are still conducting auctions”.

I certainly would be “hung drawn and quartered” if I engaged in the same practice” he said.

“Obviously, it fell on deaf ears at the ACCC?” he said.

Lloyd Auctions who initially returned calls to ChannelNews when they though that they were getting free publicity are now not answering our requests for information.

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