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EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds Of Klipsch Soundbars Returned, Faulty Connectivity

Harvey Norman the exclusive mass market retailer of Klipsch soundbars have been handling a major problem, with hundreds of Klipsch soundbars having to be replaced or repaired due to major connectivity problems.

Both the retailer and Qualifi the Melbourne based distributor of Klipsch products in Australia have confirmed the problem with one Harvey Norman store manager claiming the returns could be over 1,000.

Yesterday we revealed that the Klipsch Group had given Qualifi 90 days’ notice of termination with the US Group set to establish their own subsidiary operation in Australia.

Currently the US Group is using a recruitment Company to find a Vice President to run their Australian operation.
ChannelNews understands that the problem that is not isolated to only Klipsch soundbars sold in Australia has been fixed in the new generation of Klipsch soundbars set to be launched shortly.

According to retail sources customers were unable to connect their subwoofer to the speakers or make a connection with a Bluetooth device.

The connection problem was found in the Klipsch Bar40 and 48 models with retailers in Asia Pacific including Malaysia and Singapore where Harvey Norman have stores reporting the same problem.

At this stage, the Klipsch Group have not commented.

ChannelNews understands that Qualifi ended up with pallet loads of defective Bar40, 48, 48 5.1, surround 3 & S810 Klipsch products.

Earlier this week Klipsch revealed the $2,999 Cinema 1200 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos for the Australian market.

This is a 54” sound bar system which the Klipsch Group claims has a best-in-class 12” wireless subwoofer and wireless Surround 3 Dolby Atmos speakers.

The powerful 1200W system delivers a full 5.1.4 cinematic experience.

It has 8K passthrough and an included HDMI-eARC technology connection allows for compatible TVs to transmit Dolby Atmos from built-in apps.

Built-in universal Wi-Fi works with Google Assistant, Amazon® Alexa, and Spotify Connect allows the sound bar to be added to existing smart home ecosystems for multi-room streaming and control.

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