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EXCLUSIVE: VoLTE Roll Out To Blame For Telstra Network Crashes

Senior Telstra executives have admitted to ChannelNews that the reason for the carrier’s constant mobile network crashes are a direct result of attempts by the network to upgrade to Voice Over LTE, or VoLTE.

Last year Telstra started to upgrade their 4G network to accommodate VoLTE technology which is a standardised system for transferring traffic for voice over LTE.


Originally LTE was seen as a completely IP mobile system just for carrying data. Implemented on the Telstra network the carrier would be able to carry voice either by reverting to 2G / 3G systems or by using VoIP in one form or another.

from around 2014 phones like the Apple iPhone 6 incorporated VoLTE as standard.

Singtel who owns Optus in Australia, introduced the world’s first commercial “full-featured” VOLTE service in Singapore, initially only in combination with the Galaxy Note 3, it was subsequently expanded to the Samsung Galaxy S6 series, iPhone 6s, LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z3+.

It is now available for the Samsung S6 and S7 and several other phone brands.

According to one reliable source a Telstra investigation has revealed that the blame for the constant crashes that has cost the Company millions while tarnishing their brand was “The roll out of VOLTE technology”.

Telstra claim that VoLTE is the next step in voice calling technology for mobile phones – enabling you to make calls over 4G and 4GX on the Telstra Mobile Network.


This means clearer calls and faster connection times without you having to do a thing.

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