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Pre-ordered Apple’s New AirPods Max? You Won’t Get Them Before Xmas

Apple’s latest product unveiling, the $899 over-ear AirPods Max, faces lengthy shipment delays with customers warned the headphones won’t arrive until well after Christmas.

The iPhone maker quoted wait times of between 12 to 14 weeks for the AirPods Max in the US, and Australia’s Apple homepage quotes a delivery time of between January 13th-21st 2021.

This is one of the longest shipping delays for a new Apple product in recent history.

The AirPods Max are officially released to the public on December 14, however most customers will not be receiving a pair of the expensive headphones until over a month later.

Apple had originally planned to release the highly-anticipated over-ear headphones in September, but production delays and product faults – including a too-tight headband – meant it couldn’t be launched until much later.

When the headphones were offered for pre-order on Wednesday, EST, Apple was quoting delivery as early as December 15. But a surge in customer demand likely meant available stock dried up all too quickly.

Resellers on eBay jumped into action almost immediately, with some users asking for $US1199 ($A1614) for a pair of silver AirPods Max.

Apple retail stores have opened in Australia following the COVID-19 lockdown and it remains unseen if and when stock may arrive in the physical locations.

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